Support Groups

Our monthly support groups focus on a different topic or theme each time. While these themes and topics are centered around autism, we believe they are issues that affect all types of children and anyone is welcome to attend and benefit from discussion. Prior to attending support group, participants are asked to fill out a registration form found here. In the event you arrive to group without getting a chance to fill this out, we will have one available.

Your children are welcome to come to group and stay with our childcare providers on-site while group is in session. Our volunteer childcare providers are led by individuals who have experience with children diagnosed with autism and we are so lucky to have them. Childcare is provided to you at no cost.

Support group is held at Imagine Behavior and Developmental Services located at 1630 23rd Ave, Suite 501 in Lewiston, Id

Lectures and Conferences

Lectures and conferences are available to schedule for any group of individuals who could benefit from the expertise of someone dedicated to bringing autism education and awareness to the community.

Groups of people who may find this helpful include (but are not limited to):

    • teachers
    • students
    • employers
    • families

sports teams or other organized group

Contact us here to schedule a meeting to organize a lecture.