Support group will be held on

the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm


Imagine Behavior and Developmental Services at 1630 23rd Ave #501 in Lewiston.

You are invited to join us for support and discussion if:

  • you have a child with autism
  • you have a family member with autism
  • you have autism yourself
  • you teach or work with someone who has autism
  • you are connected with someone who may have any type of disability or behaviors and your participation in discussion could benefit both them and yourself
  • you are interested in learning more about autism


You are invited to bring your children. We will have trained volunteers providing childcare on-site while support group is in session.

Will will never turn anyone away with the exception of a breech in confidentiality. Our discussions will be focused on autism but anyone is invited to join us and our discussions will oftentimes benefit anyone with children, regardless of behaviors and abilities!

Please fill out a registration form here. (Please note ALL information is private)