The Green Apple Project is a result of two moms who realized they wanted and needed a little more support while raising their sons with autism. Through lots of research, passion and dedication, The Green Apple Project was born.

Why “Green Apple?” We are taught from the time we are very young that “A” stands for “apple,” right? And while we are learning that letter we are often shown a picture of an apple. What color is that apple most of the time? Red. Our brains think of red apples when we picture that fruit. We are trained to automatically think of those red apples even though we know that there are other colors of apples with different tastes and different textures.

Green apples, while they might not be what most people picture and might not be the ‘normal’ type of apple, are just as delicious as red. They are beautiful and without them, our markets and homes wouldn’t be as colorful.

Our goal with The Green Apple Project is to provide our community with enough education and support to create a place where our children with autism are not only tolerated, they are valued and respected as well.